Grooming Advice to Make the Most of Your Time in the Shower

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Although shower guides can be quite in-depth, this is an article written by a man for a man, so I’ll keep it short and to the point with a lot of bullet points. Can you see David’s picture? There is a list of six “hot spots” for shower cleaning. This must be understood in the first section. We’ll tell you why and when to clean first.

Order of the room:

  1. Hair:

Always remove this first by washing it off. There are two goals in this.1) You can wash your hair, and 2) you can wash your face without worrying about getting your mouth and eyes dirty after washing your hair. Using hair as a loofah is convenient, and spots like “Spot 5” tend to stain hairless.

  1. Face:

Facial washing is essential primarily to maintain a smooth beard when shaving after a night out. Try not to use the same washcloth, soap, or loofah you’ve been using for days to wash your face. It’s horrible. Also, when shaving, try to do it with a badger brush and a safety razor the old-fashioned way.

  1. Body parts:

The arms and sometimes the back is part of this region that runs from the neck to the abdomen. Really, how frequently do you soil your back? Additionally, showering with one’s back to the water is a common practice, making it a constant clean. Go ahead and wash your back while dislocating your shoulder. That is your telephone, old buddy.

  1. Armpits:

This may come after number 5 depending on how much you’ve worked out in the gym or outside all day. Keep in mind that the order of importance is “cleanest to dirtiest. “Maintain that course of action.

  1. Body part:

It is the area between the knee and the waist back and front. The words “foot,” “under the sheet,” and “bottom of the sheet” are arranged in this order. Yes, I am aware that there is an additional item on the list, but…Under the thigh:

This section is completely up to you. I haven’t washed underneath the knees in months. While I’m in the shower, soap and water wash my feet, making the tub’s rough surface behave like a second loofah. Men who do not wash below the knee outperform by 70% to 30%, according to my completely unscientific research. I’m not implying that; rather, I’m merely stating that it is pointless. As a BC reader, something must be more important.

Other details:

  1. In the shower, don’t use someone else’s. If she’s your wife, she won’t like that you wash her face first and use the loofah point 5 last. She must remain isolated.
  2. Don’t waste time, especially if you share a room with other people. Take as much time as your wife allows if you have children). But if that’s not enough to show respect to the people you live with, keep this in mind: In his blog, he wrote: After a game, I’ve seen athletes shower so quickly that they’re not even ready to ask questions. I’m drawn to that kind of confidence. “You are aware of Erin.
  3. Do you use gel or bar soap? You can do it. I use gel because the fragrance endures long, and it foams a great deal. You will need to purchase performance gel bottles with names like “Laser Strike” or “Extreme Power Polar Arctic Ice Rush” if you want to smell great. Indeed, they have senseless names, yet they work. Open the lid and inhale the store’s aroma. Additionally, she lets your girlfriend pick what she wants.
  4. Install an outdoor shower in your home if you have the chance. The best way to shower is outside.


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