Human Design Types: Know Your Type and What It Means

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There are many methods for evaluating our personalities, including astrology, numerology, and Myers-Briggs. Human design is something that people who like to delve into the subconscious will want to know about. Although it is not as common as reading your weekly horoscope, determining a person’s design “type” can reveal a lot about who they are.

The four types of human design manifestos, generators, manifest generators, and projectors, and the motivations behind each are outlined in this table.

How does human design work?

After having a mystical experience in the latter part of the 1980s, a Canadian named Ra Ulu Hoo, whose real name is Alan Robert Krakower came up with the Human Design practice. He describes receiving information from a voice of the highest intelligence over eight days and nights.

Ra wrote about his experiences in the book Rave I’Ching after the information he received was transformed into human designs. Since then, human design has become increasingly popular worldwide.

How is human design carried out?

Your birth date, time, and location are all that is required to calculate a human design chart, just like they are for mapping an astrological birth chart. You can enter it here to determine its type.)

This information applies to the human design graph, which is a snapshot of the universe at the time humans were born, as human design expert Nikki Brafman previously explained. Emma Dunwoody, a specialist in human design, asserts that you can comprehend your truth if you comprehend the human design graph.

Type of Human Design:

Human design can be broken down into five distinct “types” (or four, depending on who you ask; more on that later). The following is a breakdown of each, as stated by Brafman, Cornelius, and Stiles:


They are here to “get the ball rolling, get started, then step back and let others take control,” according to Brafman, making up less than 10% of the world’s population. After a long rest, they work through long bursts of energy.

As Stiles calls attention, these are people with “shut and disgusting” energy emanations or energy bodies. This indicates that they have a very strong presence and that their energy can be felt by all who are around them.


Generators make up more than 30% of the population, and when manifest generators are added, that number rises to almost 70%. Cornelius and Stiles show that generators and manifest generators are not the same things, even though some people still believe that they are the same thing.

Before we get into these differences, let’s take a closer look at generators. According to what Brafman previously stated, generators are comparable to the world’s workhorses, and their “strategy” is to respond.

Generator of Manifests:

You can consider a sign generator a mixture of a generator and a manifestor, says Stiles. The primary distinction, according to her, Cornelius, and Brafman, is that manifestation generators are jacks of all trades—that is, they are human—while generators tend to be more domain-focused (i.e., have a specialty).

You should be aware that this type enjoys variety in general. These people, as Stiles tells mbg, can’t be satisfied without constant evolution and change.


Then there are the projectors who make up 20% of the total populace and give shrewdness and direction to individuals all over the planet. Because they can see deeply into the minds of other people, projectors are helpful people who enjoy giving advice. However, as Cornelius added, when individuals become dissatisfied with unwelcome guidance, projectors may encounter difficulties.

Other important aspects of human design:

  1. There is a lot more to human design than just knowing which of the five types you are, just as your Sun sign cannot summarize your astrological birth chart. You can determine your best “strategy” and where your “internal authority” is by looking at the chart more closely.
  2. According to Brahman, your decision-making principle is your inner authority.
  3. You will be able to cross the line with your strategy by synchronizing your actual actions with your internal authority.

Although there are many online resources for conducting your research on human design, Brafman claims that consulting with experts can be very beneficial. She continues, “Readers can translate that into articles that are more practical,” noting that every reader has a distinct writing style; therefore, choose one that works for you.


Human Design might be the tool you’ve been missing if you want to know yourself better or make decisions in your life that is more in line with your values. This new-age practice of self-discovery has a lot to unpack. Knowing your “type” can assist you in aligning with your highest potential, as any proponent of human design will tell you.



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